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Behaviour Change Support Worker

Ref. WIL24/07

General Description

This role is based within the Wiltshire DVPP (Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programme) Team which delivers domestic abuse services across Wiltshire. The position is based within our Behaviour Change team and focuses on working with low to medium risk perpetrators of domestic abuse on a one-to-one basis, with the aim of supporting people to change their behavior.

In addition, you will support the delivery of the CPR (Choosing Positive Relationships) Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programme (DVPP), which is an intensive behaviour change programme, designed to increase knowledge and understanding around domestic abuse, the impact on children and healthy relationships. The course teaches tools and strategies to help someone change their behaviour. The CPR group will require weekly evening work in Wiltshire.

The key duties for this role are to:

  • Co-facilitate the delivery of our CPR perpetrator group-work programme one evening per week.
  • Deliver one to one support sessions for perpetrators based around: understanding domestic abuse, managing aggressive behavior, recognising the impact that abuse has on others.
  • Work closely with the rest of the Behaviour Change to promote a ‘whole family approach’ to addressing domestic abuse and to prioritise safety for the victim.
  • Work closely with multi-agency partners, particularly Children’s Social Care, ensuring a focus on risk and safeguarding.

Client Duties

  • Identify and assess the risks and needs of individuals who are abusive in a relationship or other domestic setting, using an evidence-based risk identification checklist e.g. Respect RIC, WSCB threshold Tool.
  • Advocate for individuals who need to address their abusive behaviour.
  • Understand the role of all relevant statutory and non-statutory services available to those who are abusive and how your role fits into them, adopting a trauma informed approach.
  • Support the client to recognise the abusive behaviour and the effect that it has on their families and assist them in recognising the features and dynamics of domestic abuse present in their situation and help them change unhealthy patterns of behaviour.
  • Understand multi-agency partnership structures and work within a multi-agency setting which may include participation at the MARAC. You will contribute interventions and help design a plan to protect victims and any children, while maintaining an independent role on behalf of your client, keeping the victim and any children’s safety as central to any response.
  • Ensure support provided is accessible to clients in terms of location and times.
  • Be proactive with your line manager in carrying out regular case reviews based on a review of risk and abuse which:
      • Feeds back into action planning to further progress, signpost or close cases; and
      • Provides feedback to your clients/agencies.
  • Help maintain accurate and confidential case management records and databases and contribute to monitoring information for the service.
  • Respect and value the diversity of the community in which the services work in and recognise the needs and concerns of a diverse range of people ensuring the service is accessible to all.
  • Remain up-to-date and compliant with all organisational procedures policies and professional codes of conduct and uphold standards of best practice.
  • Utilise evaluation and monitoring systems to ensure high standards of service are consistently achieved e.g. Orchards Database
  • Work with the BC-IDVA and Group Co-Ordinator to deliver the perpetrator group-work programme.

Other Duties

  • Work with the BC-IDVA to develop a flexible model of 1-2-1 work, evaluate the effectiveness of interventions and design new interventions as appropriate.
  • Provide training to other agencies across Wiltshire to develop their understanding of domestic abuse.
  • Comply with data protection legislation, confidentiality and information sharing policy and procedures and all legislation connected to your work.
  • Support colleagues and partner agencies, through awareness raising and institutional advocacy, in order to provide the best possible service for those who are abusive within a family setting.

General Duties

  • Work at all times in accordance with the requirements of the Lone Working Policy and Procedure.
  • Attend and contribute to team meetings.
  • Update written and computerised records with accurate and clear information.
  • Contribute to effective team working with a flexible and pro-active approach, including cover for other team members’ holidays and sickness.
  • Undertake agreed training and keep updated on changes in legislation, policy and best practice.
  • To engage in supervision, annual appraisal and induction training.

Additional Responsibilities

  • The post holder will deal with highly confidential information relating to vulnerable people.
  • Ensure security of data, especially sensitive personal data, in line with the information security policy.
  • Work within FearFree’s Policies and Procedures at all times.
  • Responsible for security of client information and equipment while out of office.
  • Employees have responsibilities in respect of health and safety. In particular they will:
      • Co-operate at all times with management in the implementation of and adherence to health and safety policy and procedures.
      • Take reasonable care for their own safety and for the safety of others who may foreseeably be affected by their actions at work.
      • Not intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided for the purpose of health and safety at work.
      • Report all health and safety concerns to line managers.
      • Assist with the completion of the health and safety risk assessment programme.
  • Any other duties that may be reasonably required.

For a full job description/person specification and to apply, please follow the link provided on this website. Interviews will be held on a rolling basis until a suitable candidate is found, so early applications are encouraged.

FearFree is committed to encouraging equality and diversity in the workplace.  We strive to be a diverse and inclusive place to work where we can all be ourselves and individual differences are recognised and valued. 

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