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Devon Service Manager

FearFree deliver services across the South West for victims of domestic abuse, those who harm and their families and victims of sexual violence and stalking. We provide responsive, victim focused and trauma informed support and this post is fundamental to ensuring service users, stakeholders and partners experience this in our daily delivery.

This post will be based in our Devon domestic abuse service and is an exciting opportunity to support the delivery of our services which include IDVA Support for high risk service users, Education and Recovery support for medium and standard risk, Behaviour Change Support for those who harm and support for children and young people who have witnessed domestic abuse and YPIDVA support for those in abusive intimate relationships.

Key responsibilities for this role include:

  • Leading day to day operations within the Devon services.
  • Line management of team managers
  • Ensuring the services work to Accreditation best standards including Leading Lights and Respect.
  • Monitoring the outcomes of the service, data and reporting to commissioning partners.
  • Overall responsibility for safeguarding across the service.
  • Building relationships with partner agencies across Devon.

Promotion of the service across the local area.

  • To provide leadership, direction and support to staff ensuring excellent management of the service, including direct line management of the team managers.
  • To coordinate the development and maintenance of partnerships with other agencies, to ensure effective, allied approaches to client support.
  • To promote an organisational culture of engagement, improvement and best practice to deliver a high quality and accessible service.
  • Ensure performance targets are monitored and delivered on time.
  • To make recommendations to the Head of Services and Director of Service about the best use of resources.
  • To ensure all service users are provided timely and holistic support to help them change their behaviour.
  • Deliver training to new staff, partner agencies and local organisations to increase knowledge and understanding of Domestic Abuse, including Bystander Training.
  • Ensure the service is risk focused and trauma informed, with a clear focus on safeguarding.
  • To lead on accreditations required such as Leading Lights and Respect.

Advising on new development opportunities

  • Utilising data, local and national knowledge, identification of unmet needs, professional relationships and best practice to contribute to new opportunities.
  • Ensure that the charity continually operates innovatively, flexibly and with service users’ needs at the heart of service design and delivery by horizon scanning, identifying emerging trends and new opportunities and lead through to successful implementation.

Leadership and management

  • Provide inspirational leadership and effective management to the team ensuring that all staff and volunteers are actively working to achieve the charity’s vision, mission and strategic ambitions.
  • Ensure all staff and volunteers are effectively performance managed and live the charity’s values and have all appropriate resources to achieve excellence in their field.
  • Work alongside colleagues from across FearFree to provide support, assistance and management to over teams where required.

Budgets and Financial performance

  • Contribute to the creation of annual and three year budgets and financial targets.
  • Carefully monitor and evaluate both financial and non-financial performance and create contingency plans to predict and rectify any variables.
  • Develop effective business cases to propose new developments within the annual budgeting process but also progress ad hoc opportunities as they arise.

Governance and regulation

  • Provide regular performance and project reports to the Head of Services, Director of Services and Commissioning partners.
  • Provide performance and project reports and attend regular meetings internally and externally as requested.
  • Provide evidence based assurance that the service meets or exceeds the contract terms and report to commissioners against performance indicators

Relationships and partnerships

  • Proactively build relationships with the wider statutory and voluntary partners across the charity’s areas of operation.
  • Actively network across the operating area and beyond to build the charity’s reputation and harness support for the organization.
  • Effectively manage contractor relationships including sub-contractors to ensure FearFree is a priority provider.


  • Demonstrate continuous professional development as part of the charity’s ethos as a learning organisation.
  • Ensure the charity’s learning and excellence ethos is demonstrated through excellent performance management and continuous learning and development.
  • Actively participate as required in the training of staff and others working as part of the charity’s ethos as a development organisation.
  • Build networks across the charity sector to harness relationships and share best practice both to the organization and the wider sectors benefit.


  • Ensure all staff are fully IT literate and have the necessary skills and technology to fulfill their roles effectively.
  • Work with the SMT to ensure all data is protected and systems are conversant with current Information Governance legislation.

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