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Welcome to FearFree

At FearFree, we recognise that everyone will know someone who has experienced domestic abuse, sexual violence or stalking but may not realise it. 1 in 4 women have experienced domestic abuse or sexual violence. 1 in 6 men have experienced sexual violence.

On average, domestic abuse victims experience 50 incidents of abuse before they get effective help – often living in fear for years, as they suffer repeated harassment, coercion, financial subjugation, verbal abuse and physical, sometimes sexual, violence. Just 20% of sexual violence victims ever seek help.

Many victims of abuse don’t report their abuser for fear of reprisals, or in the belief that they’ll change. They may have low self-esteem, feeling helpless, trapped and economically dependent. And they can be scared that law enforcement and social services won’t take their situation seriously.

With 80% of abusers having suffered an abusive past themselves, it’s easy to see how domestic abuse and sexual violence becomes a cyclical pattern of behaviour that ruins lives.

At FearFree, we’re working to break the cycle of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Our highly professional, fully trained and hugely caring teams work across communities in the Southwest; providing personalised support services to help victims change or move on from abusive relationships; supporting people who have experienced sexual violence or stalking, supporting children and young people affected by abuse to move on with their lives and; running voluntary programmes for perpetrators to help them change their behaviour.

Through this holistic approach we can change lives, provide hope for the future and give people the opportunity and skills to flourish in their future relationships.

Not just for the short term, not just until the next time. But permanently.

Together, we can break the cycle.

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Working for a future where those trapped in a cycle of domestic abuse, sexual violence and stalking can break free and live a life free from fear.


We will break the cycle of abuse and sexual violence because we will:

  • Help build public awareness and support those affected by abuse to recognise the signs and symptoms of unhealthy behaviors and relationships
  • Give people the confidence to change or leave abusive experiences or relationships behind and help them to find opportunities to rebuild their lives
  • Help abusers recognise the causes and impacts of their behaviour and support them in their efforts to change for the better
  • Help survivors to come to terms with their trauma of abuse, providing practical support to be safe and free from abuse.
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We are:

  • Kind (generous of spirit)
  • Receptive (believing, empathetic)
  • Open (welcoming, friendly)
  • Expert (applying deep knowledge and know-how)
  • Pragmatic (practical, solution-focused)
  • Robust (strong, solid, reliable)

Our Annual Report

Our report explains our progress over the last year and shows how money came in and out of our Charity.

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