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Worry And Anger Pandas

Worry and Anger Pandas

Our specialist Children and Young Person's Therapeutic Mentors work with children aged 5 - 18 who have experienced or witness domestic abuse. Through play and art, we encourage them to share their emotions in a healthy way and express themselves.

This is a worry panda, a way of our specialists can talk about what is worrying a child and how to positively work through those feelings.

Talk Toolkits

We created these downloadable toolkits for anyone to access to support with the recovery process, covering a number of themes.

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Health and Wellbeing apps


A free, evidence-based app to help young people manage their emotions and reduce the urge to self-harm. BlueIce includes a mood diary, a toolbox of techniques and a system to call for help.


A menstrual cycle tracking app, Clue enables you to track your period, ovulation and PMS. By keeping track of your cycle, it helps to identify patterns and make informed health choices. Clue has a free version, but some features are only available on the paid for version.


Free to download (with some paid features), Headspace offers meditations and teaches mindfulness skills. It additionally has features including sleep sounds, music, workouts and yoga.


Designed to help teenagers share problems and get advice from one another – this free app provides a safe and secure moderated forum facility.

Stay Alive:

A suicide prevention resource for the UK, Stay Alive is packed with useful information and resources to help you stay safe in a crisis. It can be used if you are having thoughts of suicide, or if you are worried about someone else. The app includes a customisable safety plan, a ‘LifeBox’ where you can store photos and memories, strategies to help with grounding and guiding breathing exercises. The app is confidential, free to access and does not contain adverts.


Calm is a mindfulness app, featuring meditation practices, calming sounds, ambient music and sleep stories. Calm has a free version and a paid for premium version.

Feeling Good:

Offers positive mental training audio programmes based on research, designed to help you feel better, lift your mood and recover from stress, anxiety and depression. The app is free to download.


Breathing exercises can help our bodies self-regulate and relieve stress and anxiety. iBreathe is a simple app which will show you how long to inhale and exhale. The app costs £2.99 without advertising.


A free online course to help you manage stress, anxiety and depression. The eight week course is designed to be completed in your own time and at your own pace.

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