FearFree Devon supports:

  • 1-to-1 victim support for adults and children in Devon with experience of domestic abuse
  • 1-to-1 support for perpetrators
  • Support for children and young people
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We can support you with:

Information, Advice and Guidance from our trained Assessment, Safeguarding and Early Intervention team. Our service will ensure that victims are supported to stay safe and recover.

Domestic Abuse

Victims of domestic abuse will be supported to stay safe and recover. The service is tailored to individual needs.

Victims assessed to be high risk domestic abuse victims will be allocated an IDVA (Independent Domestic Violence Advisor) Victims deemed to be medium and standard risk victims will be supported by trained staff and volunteers.

The IDVA is a trained specialist offering practical and emotional support to anyone who has experienced domestic abuse.

Your IDVA can:

  • give you advice and support to help you think through your options
  • provide face to face or telephone support at crucial times, throughout the process
  • work with you to make sure you are safe
  • provide introductions to other specialist services you may need
  • help with accessing counselling

Children and Young People

We work with children and young people, in partnership with their non-abusive parent or carer, whether they have witnessed domestic abuse or sexual violence or been party to it themselves. We offer support via 1-to-1 work, group work, toolkits for parents and schools, plus provide workshops in schools and colleges.

We can also work with young people aged 14+ who are being abused within their own intimate relationship by providing support from our dedicated team of young people's IDVAs.

Voluntary Behaviour Change Support

The aim of this work is to provide bespoke 1-to-1 support and advocacy for adults (18+) in order to change their harmful and abusive behaviours and promote the safety of victims and their children. We adopt a whole family approach offering support to the perpetrator, victim and their children (over the age of 5) so everyone has a voice for change.

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To make contact:

Tel: 0345 155 1074

For professionals using a secure email address:

For clients or those who do not use secure emails:

For ITRS Referrals please use the ITRS forms at the bottom of the page.




The Interpersonal Trauma Response (ITR) Service

The ITR Service provides training to GP surgeries on domestic abuse, sexual violence and other forms of interpersonal trauma and how to make more informed enquiries. The team also provide emotional and practical support to those identified by surgery staff.

If you are a GP surgery you can find out more about the ITRS service here 


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