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No More Suffering in Silence

With over 2.1 million incidents and crimes of domestic abuse and sexual violence recorded by our police forces in England and Wales last year, and less than one in every four domestic abuse crimes ever reported, there is a good chance that someone in our lives, whether a family member, a co-worker, or a friend, is currently in or will be in an abusive relationship.

The sad reality is that, because this is generally a hidden crime, committed behind closed doors, they will most likely suffer in silence.

You can help us change that...

Your support funds:


You enable us to raise awareness of abuse! We offer talks to young people on what is a healthy relationship and train professionals, like GP's to recognise early signs, so we can either prevent abuse or ensure support is provided as soon as possible. 


You enable us to prevent abuse. By supporting us to work with survivors, children and people who harm, we are making real progress in reducing repeat instances on abuse in your local communities, to ensure families can rebuild their lives free from fear, permanently. 


You empower our families to rebuild their lives after abuse, achieving good mental health, a new home start pack, education on recovery and hope for a  fulfilled and bright future for their children. 

Ariana FearFree YP Ambassador

Meet Ariana: our Young Person Ambassador

Ariana Watling is a professional jewellery maker @ariana_on_bench based in the National Trust village of Lacock. She is a former service user who is taking her experience of domestic abuse to create a brighter future for others. 

“ I am incredibly proud to be named as a FearFree ambassador. From first-hand experience I know how vital their services are and the positive impact that they have on helping people to rebuild their lives free from fear. As a young woman, I want to use my platform to change perceptions on domestic abuse and help other survivors access the support that they need”.


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