Sally's Story

Sally tells us why she volunteers with FearFree.

I volunteer for FearFree because I came from a childhood where out of a close group of four school friends, three of us lived with domestic abuse. We didn’t talk about it, we were aware that that was the way things were, our parents didn’t have the money or confidence to separate as it wasn’t the done thing in those days so they stayed together “for the sake of the children”. It was a bit like carbon monoxide, it wasn’t visible to outsiders but it was there and it was toxic.


"I realised things could be different"

For many years, I swore I would never get married and I certainly wouldn’t have children if it risked putting them through what I’d experienced between my parents.

But then, like in the movies, I somehow met a genuinely lovely man, I realised things could be different and now I’m very lucky to live in a harmonious environment.

But I’m very aware that this isn’t the case for many.

By volunteering in a befriending role, I can help others get back on track and regain their lives. It feels good to be useful.

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Befriending is one of the varied volunteering roles available at FearFree. As a befriending volunteer you’ll help people recover from abuse by providing one to one listening and emotional support in person, or by phone or video call.

Full training is given and you must be available to commit weekly support for 6-9 months. You can take time off for holidays and other commitments.

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