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1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men experience abuse in their lifetime

Our Partnership


We are thrilled to be partnered with Netball South West. Together we:

  1. Will be spreading vital awareness of abuse, encouraging people across the South-West to openly talk about it and break the taboo.
  2. Will be training members to recognise the signs of abuse so they can help any team mate affected by it and support them to get the help they need right away.
  3. Will raise vital funds to support local families impacted by abuse, helping to rebuild their life free from fear and abuse... permanently.
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Hear from people we've helped

In 2021, my children and I fled domestic abuse. We experienced first hand how much of a difference the support and care of FearFree made to our healing journey. Words can not describe how extremely hard and tough those first months were. FearFree helped practical, mentally and supportively.

I think of your service like a lighthouse. We are out at sea on a boat trying to survive and I honestly think we’d have lost our way without you. But at the scariest time when I didn’t know what to do next and how to survive, you put the light on and guided me and my children safely back to shore.

My support worker has shown us tremendous love and understanding, her genuine care and concern has provided me with comfort during the darkest of times and have served as a guiding light in my journey towards recovery. 

Guidance for Groups

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Understanding Abuse

Domestic abuse affects more woman than breast cancer. However it's rarely spoken about and people often suffer for years without the help they need. You can change that. Visit our pages to learn more about abuse and find useful information if you or a team mate needs help.

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Safety Planning

Responsibility for abusive behaviour always sits with the abuser - NEVER the victim or children.

The most important thing is to keep yourself (and your children) as safe as possible.

Find useful safety tips and download our safety planning leaflet for you or your friend. 

My Cause Volunteering FearFree

Volunteer your time

No matter how much time you have to give and whatever your experience, your time could change lives.

Whether that's leafleting in your local area, stewarding at the UK's biggest festivals or working one-to-one with our clients as a befriender - we have the right role for you.

Abuse affects all genders, all backgrounds and sexualities

What can your team do?

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Comb Together

We offer FREE domestic abuse training to hairdressers, barbers and beauticians in Wiltshire & Devon, in exchange for a small fundraising pledge. Tell your salon, find out more or request leaflets and flyer your local town to help us spread the word.

FearFree Support Workers In Office

Tell your work place

Help us spread the word! Invite us into your work place to do a Lunch & Learn (virtual or in person) to your colleagues about abuse and its signs. Download our useful 'How to support someone' poster and stick it up in your office. And even better, if you're company would like to fundraise, reach out. We'd love to hear from them! 

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Whether you fancy throwing yourself out a plane with your team mates, or would prefer something more civilised like a tea and cake morning, there are loads of ways you can raise money and help us give everyone, impacted by abuse, a life free from fear.

FearFree Back Of Door Stickers

1 sticker could change a life

Support our work in your local community

Help us get 1000 'back of door' stickers out into the community this year, across Wiltshire and Devon. Whether it's in a gym, changing room, pub toilet door, help us ensure everyone know they are not alone and help is out there!

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